EL PROYECTO Beneficiary profiles

In Da un Chance, our goal is to identify talented children who stand-out on an area that can be intellectual (an area evaluated by the educational system; communications, logic, sciences), artistic, sports related, etc. They must also show adequate academic performance in other areas. At the same time, it is important that the children also possess thirst for knowledge, are driven by the academic environment, and show responsibility and autonomy in the classroom.  They must also be children who have the ability to focus on the chores given individually and in groups, showing that they are capable of following instructions.

We have the conviction that every learning process is sustained by an adequate emotional health. That’s why we believe that the children that benefit from Da un Chance, should show an emotional development according to their age. This will allow them to face educational challenges in the best way possible and be able to work to their full potential when they are in an environment that stimulates and enriches them. It is important that selected children have the capacity to solve everyday problems, manage anxiety and adapt to new situations. In that same way, they need to show curiosity and interest for the environment and people (kids and adults) that surround them in addition to being able to establish significant and fluid relationships with their pairs, respecting boundaries imposed by the reality in which they live.

Finally, we consider that all of the above can only take place if the child is in an adequate family environment, which implies an environment that supports and enriches their learning process (collaborates with homework, participates from meetings, motivates the child), that can generate routines and limits at home that allow the child to have clear and consistent references, that facilitates communication and encourages affective bonds, that acts as support when overcoming challenges, and that takes care of them in an everyday routine (nourishment, hygene, permits).