Da un Chance is a Peruvian nonprofit organization, governed by the Board of Directors. Today, the Board has a total of 33 members. Each board member pays an annual fee. These contributions finance the entire administrative costs of the organization.

Regarding the program, scholarships are funded by donations received by Da un Chance from our sponsors (companies and other nonprofits) and donors. One hundred percent of the funds raised through donations are used exclusively for the fulfillment of the mission, to cover the tuition fees and academic expenses of our fellows. Sponsors and donors receive valid donation certificates, allowing them to deduct the donations as expenses for purposes of calculating income taxes.

Da un Chance has a staff of four people who are in charge of operations of the nonprofit:

  • Franca Mazzotti – Executive Director
  • Luciana Chiaravalli – Head of Psychology Department
  • Sergio Zeppilli – Head of Administration
  • Maria Laura Salgado - Assistant Manager