Da un Chance was born as an initiative of Michael DeBakey to take action against the lack of talent development of talent in Peru because of economic hardship.

In 2011, Michael DeBakey, Joaquin Cabrera Arias Schreiber and Mariano Moragues de Vivanco shaped the project and started to implement the social program. Da un Chance began operations in June 2011 as a non-profit organization, with the purpose of giving an opportunity to talented elementary school students who lacked financial resources, to develop their skills and talents.

From the administrative perspective, Da un Chance convened a group of eleven successful businessmen to support the nonprofit in their vision of improving accessibility to quality education in Peru. Also, eight companies joined Da un Chance as program sponsors, who finance the students’ scholarships.

From the program side, Da un Chance conducted its first selection process in the second half of 2011. Fifteen children were selected for the first class of Da un Chance fellows, who enrolled in five partner schools in 2012.

Da un Chance’s family has been increasing since then. Each year, partners and sponsors have joined this great mission, all committed to the future of our fellows. Today, in 2015, we have 33 fellow students in eight partner schools, 33 member associates and 19 sponsors. We hope that the Da un Chance family will continue to grow.